photo (4)In 2008, Cory Jmaeff and Shawn Wudrich combined two lifetimes of outdoor experience as anglers and professional hunters to bring the world Antler Outdoors, a production company dedicated to bringing the most realistic outdoor experiences to TV and the internet while delivering a message, a message that with good recruitment and retention programs along with effective, scientific based wildlife management practices, North America’s rich outdoor history and heritage will be alive and well for generations to come
Soon they realized that delivering the message is not enough, that if we are all going to make a difference it takes more than talk. It takes money. The outdoors has always been about more than just hunting and fishing, it’s about friends and family and experiences shared. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

Bone Beer is about conservation innovation, not imitation. While other companies have begun to copy the Bone Beer model, agreements with the some of the most renowned conservation groups in the nation will ensure that Bone Beer will remain at the forefront of conservation efforts in Canada.
Bone Brewing is Canada’s first and only beer company for outdoorsmen, by outdoorsmen. Through our conservation partnerships, Bone Beer is committed to donating back 5% of net proceeds to fish and wildlife projects at the grass roots level in regions where Bone products are sold.
Bone Beer is a light, easy drinking, medium blonde lager, unpasteurized, and with no preservatives or additives. The outdoors captured in a can, clean and fresh, and just like the outdoors, meant for sharing and creating memories with friends and family.
If you’re passionate about the outdoors and feel that we could all be doing more to preserve our outdoor history and heritage, next time you reach for beer at your local store, reach for Bone Beer and give back to the future of your outdoors.